Faith (THE SHIVER) explains us how she feels being a woman in music business as lead singer

Faith (THE SHIVER) explains us how she feels being a woman in music business as lead singer

Hello Federica, we are following your band for some months now, but can you tell me more about The Shiver ?

The Shiver is the project that I founded with my drummer Finch in 2006. Alternative/Goth rock influenced, I could say if we want to put a label. We’ve been touring a lot in Europe, in all the countries inbetween Siberia and Portugal. We released 4 studio albums, the latest is « Adeline », that came out in April 2017

In all these years, we had the chance to be headliner but we also shared the stage with some of the best band in the scene, as Papa Roach, Misfits, God Is An Astronaut, Dead Letter Circus, Tarja Turunen, Sonic Syndicate, The Ark, Vanilla Sky, and many others.



– This interview is about being a woman involved in Metal and music business, what are your best moment, as woman playing music ?

Oh I love it! Well, as a famous guy said… It,s a man’s world. In every side of this society, even if we pretend it’s not. Music, it’s all about men being cool and strong and women we are the hot chicks, but i can tell about great « chicks » that are hot and smart, and they are way too high then men. First, I’m a musician, and I’m the boss of my project The Shiver and also the composer. During the years I found that the most difficult thing is involve people that don’t accept a woman to tell them what to do. But as you can see, I run this project and of course know what I want from my sound, or my future. Though, I like to talk and discuss with people that I admire and respect, I truly believe that it’s the right way to grow as artist. I’m also a vocalist and I love to do featuring with other artists, of course I do it only when I really like these music. I play synth and recently I’ve step into this amazing project that is The Chasing Monster (post-rock) as guitar player. Then, I’m a singing teacher and 4 years ago I opened a music school with my mate Finch. There were no rehearsal rooms in our city and we decided to open one place that could be a focus for all the musicians of this town, it was a natural process to start doing lessons there and this is the way it came along. Now there’s another Backstage Academy in Pisa and we’re about to open abroad, too. So, actually… I think that if you choose this kind of life and you really want to be a musician you will face lots of difficulties. if you’re a smart person you will go on and survive, it doesn’t matter if male or female. If you’re not enough focused on this, you won’t last.

Best moment… too many! Last May I performed at Dunk! Fest (Belgium) with TCM and we’ve been invited to stay for a couple of days in this amazing place – you know that feeling like: I want to stay here forever! Perfect gig, so intense, perfect people, perfect place. I’ve also hadthe chance to meet the guys from God Is An Astronaut and they are such great persons (and artists as well). But maybe the best thing ever has been being on tour last October with one of my favorite bands: Dead Letter Circus. It’s been the best experience in my life and I’ve learnt so much. The gigs were really cool and seeing them live every night was a dream coming true. Plus, those guys are amazing persons.



– And your worse one ?

Ok I’ll be short about it. Striking targets that you wanted to reach since a long time and at the same time facing the fact that the musicians you involved in such great things were not so interested. It was heart-breaking, because I always trust people and my musicians become my family. But sometimes people are double-face and they tend to take advantage from the other’s work.



– People believes that men are more respectful with women on Metal business than other genres. Do you feel treated « as a man », like you are 100% integrated or do sometimes some people are stupid with that ?

Ahahah! I love you! I like to deal with people, I’m really empathic and I can easily understand the other’s thought. So if I have to deal with someone for important things, I will try to be on the same level. If by any case I am talking with someone …stupid or superficial, I will stay in the game and see what comes out. The worst thing ever is when the other person tries really bad an approach on you when you’re supposed to talk about work or music business. It happens really often but the important thing I think it’s not being that kind of easy girl. But here in Italy girls are well trained about this (laugh) !



– Isn’t it hard to be summoned by so many beautiful, muscled men on tour and keep professional on any ways ?

Ehehe… Well, on tour I’ve seen many things that I can’t tell but… Usually men in tour (I’m talking about young bands) want to enjoy so they tries badly on you just because you’re a girl – it has nothing to do with attraction or beauty. I hate that. Then, sometimes you find really cool persons and of course, you share the same experiences, do the same things, so it’s good to talk and compare life. This is great. I always try to stay professional, there’s no other chance to survive.



– How do you see your personal and love life : with someone involved in this business or with someone that has no deal with it ?

I’ve recently ended a long term relationship, so I was actually considering this: I play music since I was 14, before being involved in the « love » thing. I’ve never had a relationship with a non-musician. And I think this could not happen in the future. For me art and passion are the best part of life and I could never share mine with someone who cannot understand. Few weeks ago I went to a date with a « normal » guy and …OMG… no way. We were speaking two different languages. The main thing is: I’m crazy, I need another crazy person to share my life. The other thing is: friends, music, work are enough, I don’t want to spend my time with someone who’s not the best.

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